Samsung Galaxy S11 series photos leak

Samsung Galaxy S11 series photos leak

You have heard many rumors about Samsung and its leaks of ‘Samsung Galaxy S11’ before also. From the leaks and reports, we have got some idea of what can be there in the Q1 of 2020. However what comes in this new set of the phone is just an imagination, one is sure about it, Read more about Samsung Galaxy S11 series photos leak[…]

Vivo U20 Price and Specification

Today launch-Vivo U20 Price and Specification

Vivo U20 is ready to launch in India today, and also the phone has been teased intensively running up to the launch. The phone’s key specifications are  been elaborate by the company, and its style is graet. The Vivo U20 will sport a waterdrop-style notch, and a triple rear camera setup at back of the phone. it’s seen to sport a blue gradient back panel finish with fingerprint sensor. The Vivo U20 is the upcoming phone Read more about Today launch-Vivo U20 Price and Specification[…]

echo loop ring

Amazon Echo Devices-Echo loop

Amazon has taken Echo speaker and put it into a ring and is called an echo loop. It is like a piece of jewellery and is a wearable ring made of titanium powered by Alexa services. This new echo loop has tiny buttons inside it and to activate it you have to just press the Read more about Amazon Echo Devices-Echo loop[…]

Amazon echo show 8 with 8HD smart display

Amazon Echo devices-Echo Show 8

Amazon announced a new outstanding 3rd generation Alexa smart display to expand its smart display family. It has combined the best of Amazon’s past smart displays. The new Echo Show 8 has a larger, high definition screen. This new device is launching on 21 November with even better specifications. Specification of 3rd Generation echo show Read more about Amazon Echo devices-Echo Show 8[…]

Amazon echo buds

Amazon echo devices-Echo buds

The Echo Buds the new wireless earphone introduced by Amazon to give you a great experience. Amazon is not the first manufacturer that offers Alexa assistant in earbuds, but it’s looking likely that it will have made the best yet – at least if Alexa access is your primary concern. Amazon is now going to Read more about Amazon echo devices-Echo buds[…]

Amazon Echo studio-price and features

Amazon Echo Devices-ECHO STUDIO

Amazon has announced the new Echo Studio with first high-end smart speaker. These echo studio speakers are very amazing, even the design and the features are also very much attractive. Features of Amazon Echo studio Features of Amazon Echo Studio are amazing. It has the pleasant round fabric-wrapped cylinder and a bit of an unsightly Read more about Amazon Echo Devices-ECHO STUDIO[…]

3rd generation echo flex

Amazon Echo Devices-Echo Flex

 Amazon is introducing to have a new way of bringing Alexa into your home, the 3rd generation Echo Flex. It’s so cute and has a tiny built-in speaker that you plug directly into a wall outlet so that you can have Alex in every room of our home. Once it is plugged in, its onboard Read more about Amazon Echo Devices-Echo Flex[…]

Amazon Echo Devices

Amazon Echo Devices-ECHO DOT

Echo Dot is a voice-controlled 3rd Generation smart assistant that contains a smart speaker which is powered by Alexa. The speaker lets you control a virtual assistant called Alexa using your voice. This latest Amazon Echo 3rd Generation Devices are perfect for your room. It works on voice command which can play music, news, information, Read more about Amazon Echo Devices-ECHO DOT[…]

Amazon Echo Devices

Amazon Echo Devices-Alexa Devices

Amazon has just launched a new Echo line (3rd generation devices) with AI as smart home devices and giving a tough fight to Google Home line. Amazon Echo is a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon and these echo devices (3rd generation) are voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant names as “Alexa or echo”. Like, google Read more about Amazon Echo Devices-Alexa Devices[…]


Top 10 Budget-friendly laptop

Want to buy a budget-friendly laptop with all features…. Want to have a 15-inch display, 4 GB of main system memory with USB 3.0 port or USB 2.0 port or two. A Wi-Fi with speedy 802,11ac protocol. These budget-friendly laptops should be carefully packed with the best combination of performance and reliability or you can Read more about Top 10 Budget-friendly laptop[…]