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Month: December 2019

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Best Upcoming Smartphones 2020 in India

As we all know that every year we get some special upcoming evolution in smartphones known as Upcoming Smartphone. So today we would we be discussing best upcoming smartphone 2020…

Alexa, Apple, Google new move will allow smart home devices to communicate with each other

Amazon, Apple ,Google and the Zigbee Alliance set a meeting in Washington. After the meeting, they announced a new plan on Wednesday to develop a common and standard technology for smart home…

Humbird Speaker-The smallest Speaker

Humbird Speaker as the name suggests its like “Humbird” the world’s smallest speaker and its is has bone conduction technology and moving coil acoustic technology in it. It allows you…

Samsung Galaxy S11 series photos leak

You have heard many rumors about Samsung and its leaks of ‘Samsung Galaxy S11’ before also. From the leaks and reports, we have got some idea of what can be…