Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Foldable Phone Launched in India: Check out Price and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Foldable Phone Launched in India

Samsung has made the debut of its Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone in India only after a week of its official launch in the US. The phone was launch on 14 Feb in the US and yesterday in the Indian market and you will be shocked to know that the smartphone went out of stock within Read more about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Foldable Phone Launched in India[…]

Biggest Technology Trends In 2020

7 upcoming latest Technology 2020

We are in the mid of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and technology is evolving so faster than ever. The latest technology trends are at height. Companies and individuals that are not keeping themselves up-to days with major technology trends are running on the risk of being left behind in this technology era. Understanding the key Read more about 7 upcoming latest Technology 2020[…]

Let’s Check out the list of Best Ten power bank under Rs 2,000

Best Power Bank under Rs 2,000

Even though we live in times where smartphones are very important to us and even many smartphone companies are struggling and trying to provide you the best battery backup these days even they are offering massive batteries paired with fast charge tech support. But sometimes we may find yourself being stuck in a situation where Read more about Best Power Bank under Rs 2,000[…]