10 Best Technology Blogs You Must Subscribe in 2021

Are you searching for best technology Blogs that can keep you updated with latest and modern trend.
In this modern world it is important that we should have a knowledge of almost everything and technology is one of this thing as technology is evaluation very quickly in this modern world and if we will not move with the upcoming technology there is the chance that we will be far behind in this technology world.

May of us may see that our grand parents and even our some elder relative don’t known how to use these modern machines and children just make fun of them . So moving with these technology is not the need of time it is one of the necessity also. But for that we should known what is doing in this technology world.

That why we need to stay updated with some of technology blogs and website that will help us in knowning everything that is going on in this technology era.

There are millions of technology blog and websites that are there is almost every sectors that can provide you with the latest news about technology. But the question is how much these tech website and blog are relable. If we can trust them on not.

So today we are going to see the list of Top 10 technology blog that you should subscribe to get latest and trending information about tech that are being introducing every sec or every minutes. These tech website will provide you with better and trusted information and keep you close to technology.

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Top 10 technology blog that you should subscribe in 2021



Wired is the most popular technology blog & website that you must subscribe is you want to stay connected with the latest technology. This tech blog will provide you with every questions and every answer that you may have in your mind related to technology trends, gadget reviews, and the latest updates.

Wired is an American magazine that is published online first in March 1993 and the founder of the website is Louis Rossetto, Jane Metcalfe. It have been many year that this technology blog is running and making place in the heart of people. Also, it is one of the most popular blog, people across the world read this American magazine to known about the latest and technology trend going on in world. It not only provide you with the American tech information but also provide you information about the world including India. The focuses of this tech website is how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics. It’s headquarter is in San Francisco, California.

The technology blog cover all topic related to technology, science, culture, entertainment, politics, and social media.


TechCrunch is also of of the popular and best technology blog that was started in 2005 and the founder of this blog is Michael Arrington and Keith Teare. In 2010, this technology blog was acquired by AOL company. But now few year befor only Verizon Media acquirede AOL company so cuurent it is own by Verizon Media.The website provides you with the information realted to tech bussiness, there analysis about the emerging technology trend going in the world of bussiness and markets. It is one first and best publications that are telling peaple about the emerging high tech, technology startups companies and funding rounds going on in business.

TechCrunch Technology blog is famous for business-related apps. People also called it a reservoir of information on Internet companies & startups around the world.


Recode is a technology blog that focus basically on the business of Silicon Valley. It founder of this tech blog is Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher founded it in January 2014. But within 1 year of time in May 2015 Vox Media acquired Recode. This technology blog provide us the information about the most updated independent technology, there reviews and analysis trends from the most respected and elder journalists as well as bloggers which are working in media and technology.

This tech website uncovering and explaining each and everything on how our tech world is changing with the changing of time by focusing on the businesses of Silicon Valley. Its founder Kara Swisher has many connections in tech and marketing departments so they always provides us with the latest tech tips and products and that makes it a robust technology blog to read!


Mashable is a technology blog that work on providing information about technology, Science, entertainment, culture, and social good digital media platform, latest news and multi-platform media and entertainment company. Pete Cashmore is the founder of the website and it was first launch in 2005.

It is one of the most influential and trending blogs on technology today! The website provides information about everything that is going around the world including movies, finance, travel and gadgets.

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Following the latest trends in consumer technology with steadfast precision, CNET is one of the top technology blogs you can find on this list. CNET is an American technology blog that was first launch in 1994 and the founder of the website is Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie. The website work on technology reviews, news, blogs, articles, podcasts, and videos. It provides us the review of almost every technology product you may know and also offering unbiased reviews. The new and review provide by CNET are very trustworthy, even they provide all video in details and provide you up to date information of almost everything from technology to sports. So if you want to buy a new gadgets then you should check CNET once before buying any product. There reviews are awesome and it is one of my favorate technology Blog that I will highly recommend.

The Verge

The Verge is another technology blog on which VOX Media is working and was founded in November 1, 2011. Joshua Topolsky and Jim Bankoff, Marty Moe are the founder of the website. You can read information about technology news, product reviews, guidebooks, feature stories and podcasts. The people of Verge think that the reviews can make or break the future of any technology and thus it only offers substantial coverage with no shortage of personalized perspective.

This technology blog provides detail information about any modern technology and our any technology products. You can read information about everything on THE VERGE.


VentureBeat is one of the leading technology blogs for all transformative tech news and events. This website was launch in 2006 and the founder of the website is Matt Marshall. It basically work on breaking news on comprehensive technology business content along with the gaming industry. The blog is full of content on the topic related to tech articles, newsletters, general news, and businesses purpose news like AI, 5G till AR/VR.


Gizmodo is just another technology blog in our list that you should suscribe to. It provides you information about latest news on Gadgets. The website was first publish in 2001 and the founder of the website is PETE Rojas. This technology website is avalible in many languages like English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese. You can read and watch popular gadgets information here even there are complete guides and watch tutorials on the website.

The best part of the best is that you will always something trendy and complete new innovative technology on the website. That why it has a huge data base user because everyone welcome the new innovative technology.


Engadget is a well known technology website. it has been awarded as best technology blogs of 2010. It is not operating one ebsite there are total ten blogs operated by Engadget. Four technology blog are written in English, where as other six are in international versions. It has change themselves from a news organization to a leading technology blog with millions of visitors daily. This technology blog work on technology news, tech reviews, latest hardware, gaming and entertainment. The review on the website are written in detail depth so that you will known everything which is important.


Slashdot is a social news technology website. It is much more that a website as you can publish any latest technology news on Slashdot. It look like some thing very much older that we use to do or something like social bookmarking sites but the website deal with the topic like technology news, Gadgets reviews, product reviews, apps reviews etc. The website was first launch in 1997 and the founder is Rob Malda and Jeff Bates.

This technology website originally presented itself as “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters“ and its features different news stories on technology, science, politics etc. Any one can publish news related to these on this technology website as this blogs believe on quality content only.


The last we came to our website. This technology website not only provides you with the information about technology, gadgets but also provide you with the information on digital marketing. In is one of the upcoming leading technology website.

This website is launch first in 2019 and soon it will be popular. You can read information about technology, latest software, gadgets reviews and even software tutorials on this website.

Hope you will like this website as well. do comment us and let us known about it in the comment sections.


Now I hope that you are very much clear that which website is best and how you can stay updated with change and innovative technology. These Blog will surly help you in staying and keeping you updated on every information that is revolving around you on technology be it business sector or tutorial of technology products. You don’t have to put your extra effort just follow or subscribe to these technology blog and that sit.

Also comment us and do let us known if you known any other technology website that should be included in the above list.

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