12 Advantages and Benefits of teamwork

Today we are going to study about the Advantages and benefits of teamwork and how it can help us in running a successful business. Let First start with teamwork.

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is very simple question in everyone terms. But its answer is complex and may be it often eludes many managers.

Teamwork is basically a group of people sharing common responsibilities. In other words, teamwork is a sense of unity. It’s an enthusiasm that a group of people shares amongst each other for their common interests and responsibilities. Even the full form of TEAM is together everyone achieve more.

Advantages and Benefits of teamwork

Teamwork basic role is to unite and brings people together and motivates them to do with with each other. It also makes process easier for everyone and allows the team member to come together and overcome different obstacles that would not be easy for an individual.

There are many other advantages of teamwork, even many time we can also feel that involving in teamwork can be stressful as well as messy. As in team there are many different personalities that are involved together and dealing with different thinking and different personalities can be very much stressful at times. So many time we thing not to involved in teamwork. But let me tell you without teamwork, sometime it become much impossible to work.

Let now move and check out the list of Advantages and Benefits of teamwork.

Advantages and Benefits of teamwork

1. Great ideas don’t come from in loneliness

The best things cannot be done alone and even the best idea don’t strike in loneliness. If we think about some greatest discoveries, they all are done with a amazing set of people that we all called teamwork without which all these discoveries are not possible. Single person can’t alone fulfill the complete idea he/she may required some people help at one time or other. That why expert always say that team work is always best to do and achieve great things.

Here are some famous teamwork quotes from experts:-

  1. Michael Jordan said “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
  2. Vince Lombardi said “Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”
  3. Andrew Carnegie said “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
  4. Henry Ford said “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
  5. Helen Keller said “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
  6. Patrick Lencioni said “Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.”
  7. Jean-Francois Cope said “I invite everyone to choose forgiveness rather than division, teamwork over personal ambition.”
  8. Ken Blanchard said “None of us is as smart as all of us.”
  9. Henry Ford said “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
  10. Phil Jackson said “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

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2. Teamwork improves productivity and brings better business results

Next benefits of teamwork is that it improves productivity. Scientists have found that Teamwork also inspires people to work harder and be more productive as they build a competitions amongst the team. As team members act as a societal pressure on us so that we perform and deliver the thing in more better way than other.

There are great theoretical model that can tell you benefits of teamwork to businesses. It acts as a useful roadmap that help team members to identify there roles and responsibility an act accordingly to there strengths and weakness during the project.

All of us have some weakness and some strength in teamwork we can use them accordingly example one of us may be a good creator but may not be a finer detailer. So we can always use team members according to our team and project.

Teamwork also makes your work more profitable as if one person is stuck at any place for some reason, the second person is able to help him in making a decision or coming out of that situation. It also gives a positive energy in your team members that there are people for their support thus it is very much beneficial for productivity and it also helps people in staying motivated towards their goals. As per report teamwork increases 21% profitability of an individual.

3. Working in teams boosts employee morale and motivation

The best benefits of teamwork is that it increase overall satisfaction of the work. We are social creatures and love to share your thought and experience with others and we feel good in doing it.

  • When we are tired, our teammates can provide us extra energy by boosting us and providing us the moral support.
  • Team member also help us in proving the solutions when we are stuck in the some problem.
  • Teamwork also provide us with the ownership of the project and overall recognition when a team member or entire team perform well.
  • Working in team also act and provide us with a connection with the company and its employees.
Advantages and Benefits of teamwork

4. Teamwork encourages taking healthy risks

Teamwork gives us the opportunity to take healthy risks. It is one of best advantages of teamwork, we can say it from a research project that is done by Aristotle, the person in Google Operations department. He have come up with number of interesting conclusions about teamwork. The results of this project made it clear that teamwork make it possible for team member to take a health risk as they discuss and share there thought with each other. It developed a believe on individual risk decision and also a developed a trust on the team that they will help and sort out the risk factor.

People working in a team have different bonding as they are more social and can discuss different things with each other that are beyond work also. So it creates a sense of belonging with each other and that is why they are ready to help each other beyond their limits as well. It also helps team members to communicate and discuss their point in their team thus it makes communication better and so that all issues and other things can easily be solved and that is why it leads to higher quality output.

Team provide us with the voice suggestions, take a chance to take risk and many other thing that as a independently individual we can’t do. But if you have a group of people to support you then it is very easy, there is always a strength in group then individual.

5. When we work together, we learn faster

With the group of people it is very easy to learn different thing as every other person has its own specialty, different skill, backgrounds as well as experiences, thus they can provide knowledge to other. Through this benefits of teamwork, we can learn new thing working in team than we learn as a individual. Once you put together a team of people, there’s a great chance it will consist of people of different ages, backgrounds, skills, and experience. While there are certain challenges at closing the gaps between these differences, the richness of shared knowledge far surpasses it. This means a continuous opportunity for people to learn from each other – professionally and personally.

The main benefits of teamwork is that new members in the team can easily learn thing in the guidance on experience rather than figuring it out alone. They get to known about different communication done with the client when the experience person share there working experience. Even the experience person also get different idea by observing there coworker and even from the new member like how they do that particular thing in there past company.

Even teamwork make it easy and quick to train people together than to train individual person.

6. Teamwork Increases Innovation

In a Team, team members can easily communicate their thoughts, ideas and concerns. This can be a reason for frequent brainstorming as there are many ideas, analysis, suggestions on the same topic. This led to great innovations. Let me tell you there is no single person behind great innovation. There is always teamwork behind any innovation as the team makes an idea to change into innovation. So teamwork plays an important role in innovations.

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7. Enhances Flexibility

While we are working together as a team, we all are aware of each other’s roles and responsibilities and at times we are willing to pitch them if one person is unable to complete a certain task or is getting difficulties in completing their task. It creates flexibility within the team and makes team members more adaptable so they are able to face different challenges.

8. Gain Fresh Perspectives

When we work with a team together, we are able to discuss and share our opinion on different situations. It also gives a chance to look at a problem from various angles and thus we are able to search for the solution that is best for multiple problems. So teamwork helps in providing a one stop solution for all your problems.

9. Builds Trust

As we already have studied that teamwork make communication better and team members communicate things that are beyond work as well. This communication helps people build trust towards team members and encourages each other. This trust in team members also helps in indirect increase in organization trust as well.

10. Teamwork makes work schedules flexible

Teamwork makes things flexible for us. Let me tell you this with an example if you are the only person who is working for that particular role and you have some urgent work then at the cost of your work company will suffer but if you are working in a team it will give you flexibility as when you will not be there your work will not suffer not your company as well because as the other team members can cover your work.

11.Teamwork relieves stress

We always talk about stressful life it also lead us to frustrations that causes many problem. The teamwork also relieve the stress, it is one of the surplus advantage of team work and it is been experience by the experience people that in long run teamwork help to them to reduced stress by sharing there workload with there team members.

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12. Working together improves customer service

Teamwork also lead to a excellent customer service as if there is one one person handling the customer query then he/she will not able to come up with good solution but if there is the team then they will able to see different angle and will able to understand customer need in a better ways and the satisfaction level of customer will also increased do to this. On top of this teamwork helps to know various ideas to improve customer services which one person is not able to do.

These all make a teamwork more successful than individual work. Now as you all know the importance of teamwork, you will not underestimate teamwork and will use it to make your business more successful than ever.

Do comment us and let us known if you known any other benefit and advantages of teamwork. Also do let us known if you like the article or not in the comment section.