Looking other than laptop-Chromebook, Tablets, Hybrids, Thinkpad or Think book

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Chromebook mainly run on Google’s Chrome OS and are web-centric. These laptop are much in demand in market especially education market as it has Google’s operating system, so they heavily feature of Google’s suite of applications and have most of google app like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.


Chromebook has an 11.6-inch HD display, an Intel Celeron N3150 CPU and 2GB/4GB of RAM. Chromebooks typically offer an exceptional battery life of almost 9 hours. These laptops have a narrow price range, affordable and light that why they are more in demand and become some to the best laptops in the markets nowadays.

These machines are specially designed to work with the Internet, with most applications and documents living in the Chromebook that is related to the cloud. Without the internet, many features of Chromebook function will not work, it has a timed offline function. Chromebooks are getting better It every day it is either positive and negative, depending on how you use a PC. It will be easy to set up if you already use those apps

Tablets and Hybrids : 2-in-1s on a Budget

A hybrid has a touchscreen which makes a good substitute for traditional clamshells. These Convertible 2-in-1s laptop machines either detach or can be flipped 360 degrees around so that it can also be used as a tablet, by folding keyboard out of the way and are considered one of the best convertible systems. This 2-in-1 feature is which makes hybrids more popular than ever in between consumers and businesses while tablet growth diminishes. It is cheaper than buying two devices and it has a bigger screen than traditional tablet machines.

Tablets and Hydrid

Tablet and hybrids have Inter Core I7 processors and have processing speeds up to 2.8 GHz They come in both permanently attached (generally 360-degree-rotating-hinge) designs and detachable-keyboard designs. Make sure when you are looking at one of the detachable that you know what comes in the box. In some cases, like with Microsoft’s spiffy Surface Go, you need to buy the keyboard base separately, and the total cost may not be as low as it first appears. They are super faster and superthin than laptops.

Some of tablet and hybrids have a pressure-sensitive stylus that clips to the device and has kickstand design.Security has improved of these laptops and even enterprises are making the switch now because of its security purposed.


ThinkBook is a type of business-oriented laptop designed and developed by LENOVO company. These are designed for mainly small businesses and are consumer-friendly. It is an aluminium case, unlike ThinkPad. It has better base screen options and a simplified keyboard. Think book also has the same market position as Thinkpad have.

The first think book was launch in 2019- ThinkBook 13s and 14s. Both of the laptop have 2.0 security chips, fingerprint readers, webcam shutters which are similar to ThinkPads. These laptops do not have an SD Card slot, have only one RAM slot. ThinkBook has dedicated buttons for Skype and has an HDMI port that is not present in ThinkPad’s. They support 8th Generation intel core processors, AMD Radeon 540X graphics, M.2 SSD storage, USB-C Docks, and run on Windows 10 Pro version. The ThinkBook 13s is available on a 13-inch screen and the 14s in the 14-inch screen. It’s starting price is arround $729.


ThinkPad is also a business-oriented laptop designed and developed by the LENOVO company and formerly by IBM. ThinkPads are known for their black, and boxy design with is plastic case modeled. The first idea of ThinkPad is by industrial designer Richard Sapper in 1990 on the concept of Japanese tradition (lunchbox or cigar box revealing its nature after opening it).and first developed at IBM Yamato Facility in japan by Arimasa Naitoh who is known as Father Of ThinkPad. The company released its first product in October 1992. It was a big success for IBM company at that time and from that time only we are using ThinkPad.


These are popular with businesses. Older models use much power because of its design and have high resale value but now with the new technology Thinkpad is in budgets. The company has released many affordable options and now introducing an entirely new line of ThinkBook laptops that combines the best of ThinkPad features at a price point that’s a bit more approachable

Lenovo’s ThinkPads are some of the best laptops you can buy.

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