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The Amazon Echo Buds the new wireless earphone introduced by Amazon to give you a great experience. Amazon is not the first manufacturer that offers Alexa assistant in earbuds, but it’s looking likely that it will have made the best buds yet – at least if Alexa access is your primary concern. Amazon is now going to take Alexa on the road with its new Echo Buds.

Specification of Echo buds in India

amazon echo buds

Amazon Echo Buds are truly wireless headphones connected with a smartphone and gives you full Alexa experience. They are comfortable in-ears as it has 3 sizes of ears tips and help form a comfortable in-ear seal for immersive listening. But as echo buds are in the noise-isolating style, so people with small ears will face some problems with them.

These Echo buds are incorporated with Bose technology to provided noise reduction, not noise cancellation because even though echo buds use Bose algorithms to reduce noise, they can’t cut all sound. But yes, they are quite efficient and cut down the surrounding sound. Even the voice quality of the Echo buds is also good. A Bose spokesperson confirmed that this is the first time its NR.

What about the battery life of Echo buds?

It come with five hours of battery life and if we talk about the case, it has 20 hours of battery life that means you can charge Amazon echo buds up to 5 times larger on the Echo Buds. It case used charging via Micro USB, not USB-C but they don’t have wireless charging, unfortunately. They are water resistant hence you can use them in against light rain. Even these Amazon buds are sweat-resistant so you can use them at the time of doing exercise.

Amazon echo buds come with a small IR sensor so whenever you pull one earbud out of your ear, it gets auto-pause. There are no buttons to change the volume of echo buds by default. Fortunately, you can change options on different sides of Echo buds to different controls if you like.

Amazon echo bud with bose technology

How do these Echo buds work?

Amazon Echo buds work in voice command so whenever you say “ALEXA” it automatically wakes up. Echo Buds work with the Alexa app to stream music, make calls, play Audible audiobooks, or get directions on voice command. Even Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new skills, so you can request rideshare, get a guided workout, or order dinner, all hands-free.

Access to Echo buds

Echo buds also have Access to other assistants.It also supports access to Siri or Google Assistant from a supported device. Just press and hold your amazon earbud.

Prices of Amazon Echo Buds in India?

Amazon echo buds are available on pre-order and come with a price of $ 129.99.

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