Amazon Echo Devices-Alexa Devices in India

Amazon has just launched a new Echo line (3rd generation devices) with AI as smart home devices and giving a tough fight to Google Home line.

Amazon Echo is a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon and these echo devices (3rd generation) are voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant names as “Alexa or echo”. Like, google assistant, Amazon echo devices will also work fully over voice command and they are giving high competition to google assistant. These Alexa/Echo devices will have voice interaction, music playback, making a to-do list, setting alarms, playing audiobooks, streaming podcasts, weather report, traffic updates, and all real-time information. According to the report Amazon has started developing 3rd generation echo alexa devices from 2010 and firstly broadcast television advertisement of Amazon Alexa devices in 2016. It was limited to Amazon Prime members only and widely available in the united stated.

Amazon Echo Devices

Now Amazon is announced its renewed Alexa 3rd generation devices for common people with lots of variety. The company is focused on bringing AI to most aspects of the life of common people making life more advance and more comfortable with its newest hardware .

Even the Alexa voice service is available to connect with other devices also. Amazon is encouraging other companies devices and services to connect to its 3rd generation Echo devices or Alexa devices.

 3rd Generation Echo Devices or Alexa Devices image

Have a look below on new Amazon echo devices or Amazon Alexa devices

 Amazon Echo Dot in India

Amazon Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa, perfect for your room. It has a voice control command which can play music, news, information, and more for you. Even you can call to any person using your voice command with this 3rd generation Alexa devices. Amazon Echo devices can also connect with External speakers or headphones through Bluetooth or stereo cables. It also has led display to look fascinated in your room.

Echo flex

Amazon is introducing to have a new way of bringing Alexa into your home, the Echo Flex. It’s also has a tiny speaker that you plug directly into a wall outlet so that you can have Alex in every room of our home.With this Amazon Alexa device, you will get instant information about anything whether it is about traffic, weather or any other thing. You can control your home through Amazon Echo devices. It also has a microphone off button to control your privacy.

Echo Studio

Amazon has announced the new Echo Studio, the first high-end smart speaker. It is built specially to provide customers with a way to listen to lossless music through Amazon’s new Amazon Music HD streaming service. Amazon Echo devices has 5 speakers producing powerful bass and also supports 3D audio, with Dolby Atmos technology adds space and clarity to it. With the Amazon Echo studio Device(3rd generation), you can play 50 million songs in HD.

Echo buds

The Echo Buds the new wireless 3rd generation earphone powered by Alexa to give you a great experience. Amazon Echo Buds are incorporated with Bose technology to provided noise reduction and cut down the surrounding sound. A Bose spokesperson also confirmed that Amazon Echo Devices is the first time its NR. These Alexa Devices have five hours of battery life and touch control. Echo Buds work with the Alexa app to stream music, make calls, play Audible audiobooks, or get directions voice command.

Echo show 8

Amazon has just unveiled yet another Alexa smart 3rd generation display to explain its smart display family. It has also combined the best of Amazon’s past smart displays. The new Amazon Echo Show 8 has an 8-inch HD display and stereo sound. It also has a privacy shutter that is designed to cover the camera when it’s not in use. As per Amazon with these new Echo devices, you will able to watch Food Network TV shows and able to save the recipe as well. That means, the company is adding cooking classes also but to watch these, you’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription.

Echo loop

Amazon has taken echo 3rd generation speaker and put them into a ring, that often looks like a piece of smart jewellery and is known as Amazon echo loop. It’s a wearable ring made out of titanium, powered by Alexa services. Amazon Echo devices have a tiny button inside it and to activate it you have to just press this button, there’s a tiny vibration that confirms that Alexa is listening. Echo loop is also scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and has an all-day battery and perform all your functions. It is designed to keep your privacy protected as it has too dim audio.

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