Amazon Echo devices-Echo Show 8

Amazon announced a new outstanding 3rd generation Alexa smart display to expand its smart display family. It has combined the best of Amazon’s past smart displays. The new Echo Show 8 has a larger, high definition screen. This new device is launching on 21 November with even better specifications.

Specification of 3rd Generation echo show 8

The new Echo Show 8(3rd generation) comes with 7.9 x 5.4 x 3.9 inches, Hd display with a total weight of 36.6 ounces. It also has stereo sound. With Alexa, you can manage your whole day at a glance. It also has a privacy shutter that is designed to cover the camera when it’s not in use. Amazon also introduced the new software features, including “drop in on all,” which can start a group video/audio chat immediately with everyone in your family or friends that own an Echo device or Alexa App.

echo show 8 3rd generation devices

Echo Show 8 can also be used to make announcements to other devices in your home. It also has a bundle of content and games to pass the time and these 3rd generation devices are specially meant for children in Echo Show 8 devices. Not only that you can ask Alexa to show you movies, TV shows or News. Even you can to radio stations, podcasts, audiobooks and much more

Providing cooking classes

Since a lot of people love cooking and use smart displays while cooking, Amazon announced the “exclusive voice service” partner for Food Network’s just-launched paid video subscription service for customers. You will be able to watch live Food Network TV shows and on-demand episodes of Food Network TV shows on 3rd generation Echo Show. Even you will be able to save the recipes as well. That means the company is adding cooking classes.

amazon 3rd generation echo show 8

Alexa helps you to control your smart home with your voice command, making your day to day life easier.

Prices Of 3rd generation echo show 8

You can order echo show 8 exclusive from amazon at Rs 6,599 only.

Care for Your Security??

The Echo show 8 also helps you in security as it can show you security cameras and can control lights and adjust thermostats.

Does It Fit your Life??

The Echo show 8 3rd generation devices is made to fit your life. You can use it to update to-do lists and calendars, making your life easier. It can also show your Amazon Photo albums.

Does it affect your Privacy??

 Amazon Echo Show 8 has a privacy shutter to protect your privacy. You can electronically disconnect the microphones and camera with one press of a button in it.

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