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 Amazon is introducing to have a new way of bringing Alexa into your home, the 3rd generation Echo Flex. It’s so cute and has a tiny built-in speaker that you plug directly into a wall outlet so that you can have Alex in every room of our home. Once it is plugged in, its onboard mic and small speaker bring Alexa AI voice smarts to corners of your home without compromise. It can also be used to make announcements to other rooms that have a compatible Echo device or call hand free.

Features and design of Echo Flex (3rd generation devices)

Echo flex

It doesn’t have good design and resembles like WiFi-Range Extender. They are like a white box with a couple of Alexa buttons on it, one button to trigger the assistant and the other to mute the onboard mics. It also has two speakers on the lower part of the front side. The 3rd generation Echo Flex doesn’t have traditional projecting pointed like a smart plug. But it is a smart plugin in its way. It can directly plugged into the wall as it doesn’t have wire. On the bottom of the speaker, there’s a USB 2.0 port for charging a phone or other USB-powered devices without losing a power port on your wall. It also has a microphone off button that electronically disconnects the mics. It also has multiple layers of privacy controls to protect your privacy. You can attach optional, interchangeable accessories to the USB port.

The Echo Flex has smallest speaker that why is not made for playing music. But through it, you will get instant information about anything whether it is about traffic, weather and a lot more like in Echo Dot. You can control your home through this 3rd generation devices. As it gives you plenty of options on how to control each room. This 3rd generation device plugs directly into a wall outlet. Bringing Alexa functionality to spots where the smart assistant otherwise couldn’t reach. The device is small enough to only occupy a single outlet. And features a slot to plug in an additional nightlight.

Amazon Echo Flex

Echo flex (3rd generation) also supports night light. It can be plugged into the bottom and a motion sensor. Example- “If a motion is detected, then turn on my kitchen light,” which you can create. Both of these work and customize in the Alexa app, adding further flexibility and functionality to the Flex. It’ll be very interesting to see many accessories come to the Flex and are all available for preorder.

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