11 free file sharing sites

Are you looking for free file sharing sites? So you are on the right place, here at Technologydrift we are going to talk about some top file sharing websites so that you can share your data etc. easy. Hope you will like the article.

As we all know that internet has become a part of our everyday life. We all need to share some file in our day to day life may be it official file or personal. But thanks to internet as it have made very easy for us to share cloud-based file with everyone.

Everyone of us may know about file sharing but let me tell you as per the recent report of Cloud Adoption & Risk, average employee only use two to three free file sharing sites.

So today we are going to see some top file sharing websites that you must know and they will definitely help you at the time of file transferring.

free file sharing sites

List of Top 11 Free file sharing sites

Here we are sharing the list of free file sharing sites. So, stop worrying about searching for best free file sharing sites.

  • Google Drive
  • Jump share
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Box
  • Amazon Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Hightail
  • Media fire
  • File Share
  • Zippy share
  • Drop Send

1: Google Drive

Let start will the google which is well known free file sharing sites.  Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage service where you can store your documents, files, audio, videos- basically anything. Google Drive is provide best is cloud storage service direct from google. It is a safest place where you can store, back up all your document, audio, ppt, pdf, doc, audio, files and almost everything. The best thing that make google drive top file sharing websites is that you can access your file from any devices. Even it also allow you to share the file with other people and they can even edit , view, or leave comments on your existing files.

It also offers  first 15 GB of free storage within one Google account to store our backup your data. After you use this free storage of 15 GB you can buy storage from google.

Google drive is very much easy to use and it is user friendly as well as mobile friendly. So you can use Google drive in mobile as well in desktop and laptop.

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2: Jumpshare

Jump sharing is another cloud storage and free file sharing sites that allow you to share your work within seconds. It is a single platform for file sharing and well as for your visual collaboration.

In Jumpshare you can share your file, screenshots, video recording, screenshots, ppt, doc, images, pdf etc. all in just seconds. You just need to make account on Jumpshare and start it for free. You have to just drag and drop the file and there will be a shareable link created instantly. Now all you have do is to share that link with the person whom you want to share it with.

Jumpshare in starting provides you with 2 GB of free space and 250 MB file upload limit. After that you can upgrade your account to plus plan to use Jumpshare. Even you can take the screenshot, record audio and screen in Jumpshare. It is an awesome and easy platform that you can use for even team collaboration.

3: Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is also just like Google Drive. It is a safe and secure  free  cloud storage service. It allows users to Share files and photos with your friends, family , teammates etc. and also store photos and files online just we way we do it in google drive and after that we can access it form any other devices as well. It take the real-time backup of everything you are doing or working on it.

OneDrive is a consumer service tied to a Microsoft account. Microsoft OneDrive offer free storage of 5 GB to store and backup your file. You just need to have a account on Microsoft. It is also mobile friendly and user friendly, you can easily access it on smartphone , Windows PCs and even at tablet. It is one of the secure way to backup your personal and professional data online.  Even you can work on your file offline and it will automatically get backup when ever you come online next time.

4: Box

Box is our next best free file sharing sites.  It is use mostly by professional in offices and sharing files in Box is very much easy. It is one of the secure platform that provides you with 24X7 customer services. It makes content management and workflow very much easy as it bring all company people on same page and makes team collaboration very much easy

It is the need of digital era and almost 69% of people depend on Box to work. You can easily edit document and all on Box. Even it is one of the best free file sharing sites when its come to security. As it project your sensitive data in the cloud base storage. They have advance security controls and intelligent threat detection, so that your data will always be safe and you don’t have to worry about it.

It provide you with 10 Gb of free storage and after that you have to upgrade your plan for further use. Box free file sharing sites is specially design for It sector so that they can easily work on there file making there file more secure and safer. As it allow you to control who can view and edit you file giving you a complete security and privacy. It also make sharing of large files very much easily without any concern.

5: Amazon Drive

You must be familiar with the services that amazon is providing . It was previously known as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Amazon Cloud Drive  but now it is known as Amazon Drive. Basically Amazon is a big company and it has a big consumer based, that why it offer cloud storage solution to all it customer top save its important files, photo and videos. It offer 5 GB storage to its customer then you have to buy the storage but there is a good news for Amazon prime user, that Amazon is providing unlimited storage to its Amazon Prime uses, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing any extra storage.  

Amazon drive also work on your Android and iOS phone so it is very much easy to back up photos and videos on their phones.

But we must say that Amazon drive storage is available at reasonable price and that why today it is one of the best free file sharing sites.

6: Dropbox

Dropbox is also one of the top file sharing websites which offer cloud storage. It also keeps your all data on one place as we can store almost everything in dropbox.  It is the modern workspace that allow the integration of almost one lakh third party apps to reduce hassles and issues of working on different platforms.  It is the best online website for file sharing and team collaboration as it has very thing that your team need. More than five lakhs teams trust Dropbox and use it for there works.

Using Dropbox is also very much easy as it is very user friendly and simple. You just need to create account in it and drag and drop your file just the way you do it in your Box account. It offers 2 GB storage for free then you have to buy the storage. Dropbox website is for desktop user whereas it has its personal app for mobile user.

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7: Hightail

Hightail, formerly known as YouSendIt, is another free file sharing sites but it is more for companies and team collaboration than individual people. Hightail basically works on the premise of Spaces which allows to share file with entire team. You can share videos and images on hightail with one another and with team.

The interface of Hightail is somewhere complicated and you might get confused when you visit the website first time. But upload file on Hightail is very simple you can even drag and drop thing in it.

It offer 2GB of free storage space after that you can upgrade it.

8: Mediafire

MediaFire is another free file sharing sites that maked your file transferring very much easy. You can sharing photos, docs, audio, videos, etc. on MediaFire. You can access your Mediafire data from anywhere, you just have to signup and make account after that upload your data. On uploading data you will get a share link which you can provide to other person. It also offers 10GB storage space for free after that you can upgrade your account.

More that 840 millions people use Mediafire to send, receive and store your files. It is the best free file sharing sites.

9: ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile is a free file sharing sites that is offer by digital workspace giant Citrix. It is special design for storage and sharing of large files safety and with full security. It is also know as secure managed file transfer software (SMFTS). It is extremely useful for companies which need to store and share large data.

It offers 30 days trial after that you have to move to premium plans. It offer Unlimited client users, world-class security and easy integration with third-party file sharing sites like SharePoint, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. It is completely best free file sharing sites.

10: Zippyshare

Zippy share is a free file sharing sites. It does not contain any limit on download and uploads, you can have unlimited access to it. But you can only upload small files in it, file which has size over 500 MB can not be downloaded in Zippy share and even you can only store file in Zippy share for only 30 days after that it will automatically get removed from there servers.

It is completely free, reliable and popular free file sharing sites online. It offer unlimited disk space and fast download speeds. You can even use it without making account on it. It provide you with a sharing link so that you can share it with other person as well.

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11: DropSend

DropSend is free file sharing sites that allows you to send and upload multiple files on one go. You can upload your file easily directly from your Mac or PC desktop. DropSend can send you large files even you can upload file size upto 8 GB. So if you want to send large file try out DropSend best file transfer site. It also provide you with the shareable link to access by other person.

The files uploaded on DropSend are very much secure as dropsend work on 256 AES High-Level Encryption. Using dropsend is very much easy as you have to just make account on Dropsend and after that just drag and drop multiple files in it directly from your mobile and desktop.

It works with slow internet connection as well as you don’t have to worry about your intenet connection as if you connection get interrupted then also it will resume as soon as your internet start working without any assessment. It offer a free storage of 4GB. So you can easy use it.

free file sharing sites


Today we have provide you a list of free file sharing sites  that are working right now. You must try out these best free file sharing sites and do comment as let us know about your experiences with these file transfer site.

Also comment us any let us know if you know any other free file sharing websites apart from these.

11 free file sharing sites
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