Keyword Golden Ratio- Best way to ranking in just 24 hrs.

Nowdays ranking your website and getting organic traffic has become very difficult that why we are going to learn about keyword golden ratio. It will help us in ranking our site in just 24 hrs and driving organic traffic to our site.
The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) theory was developed by Doug Cunnington and he claim that it is one of the best ways to rank new site and increase website traffic. It is basically developed with to target long tail keywords to ranking for top 10 SERP results in just few days or less.

KGR has gained a lot of publicity from it creation day only, due to an aggressive promotional campaign run by its creator.

In this article we are going to explain everything about Keyword Golden Ratio.

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)

Many of us don’t known anything about keyword golden ratio and might we this term would be totally new to many of us. But trust me KGR will help you in ranking our site in just 24 hrs. Not only that if your site is new this keyword golden ratio will act as your best friend as it will help your site in early exit from the sandbox and also building trust on google.

Keyword Golden Ratio is data-driven method that will help you in find the keywords for which you can easily rank in the top 50 or less in a just 24 hrs or in few days. Not only that you can even rank in top 10 postion if your website has a decent authority.

You might we knowing about long tail keyword but find the right long tail keyword with good traffic and less competition may be difficult for you. But not now with Keyword Golden Ratio you can easily find these keyword without any difficult.

How is Keyword Golden Ratio calculated?

Now as we known about Keyword Golden Ratio, let move on how we can calculate KGR . There is a simple formula that is number of Google results that have the keyword phrase in the title divided by the monthly search volume, where the search volume is less than 250. If your KGR is less than 0.25, then you will able to rank in top 50 position easily, may be as soon as your page get indexed.

Keyword Golden Ratio Formula

We will strongly recommend just stick to the formula and try to find out keyword with KGR less or under 0.25.

This technique is well-tested by various people. You can also experiment with high search volume Keywords as well. High search volume keywords comes with high competition as well that why it become more difficult for us to rank in google and other search engines. That why we suggest you to start with short-tail keywords with keyword golden ratio under 0.25.

Let see it an example of this formula. Let say that we have a KGR of 0.25 and the a maximum search volume of keyword is 250, then you will have about 63 allintitle results. That simply means that there are total 63 pages on the web that have same keyword in their title.

What is allintitle?

If you are confused that what is Allintitle stand for, so let me tell you that it is an advanced Google search operator that will provide you with the results of all searches that have that particular keyword in there title. Usually, you can search a certain number of Allintitle in a particular time as Google does want that its data to be scraped by robots. So to prevent this you need to enter a Captcha after a particular span of time.


How does keyword golden ratio helpful for the website that are in sandbox?
Let me first tell you that we don’t have any prove that KGR helpful for the website that are in sandbox. But it an experiment that we have perform with many website and it has proven effective in them. The reason of its effective is that when traffic comes to your website, google started trusting on your site and released them from sandbox.

If you want to find more keyword golden ratio and want to save time then we will recommend you to use some paid keyword tool to research these keyword.

Two best tool for finding keyword golden ratio are:-

What to do if found a keyword with a keyword Golden ratio under 0.25, but the search volume of keyword is more than 250.

Simply, keyword Golden ratio formula is designed to work with keyword that have search volumes less or than 250. But definitely you can experiment it with some other keywords. So it is completely fine and you can use it with keyword which has high search volume. It will definitely work but it will take some time to rank. But remember that you should create a good, brief content and be patient as it will take some time to rank keyword with high search volume.

Top 4 Reasons why you should Try Keyword Golden Ratio

  1. It help you in staying Motivated as creating a successful niche website is not a easy task. But if you are successful in ranking a keyword in top position it will help you to staying motivated and do your work with more effort.
  2. Keyword Golden Ratio help you in finding best keyword for which you can rank faster. So instead of having a list of many keyword and playing blindfolded, it hep you in prioritize the keywords for which you should work first.
  3. It also help you in giving real data for every keyword phrase so that you can check there performance as well.
  4. And the best part is this many people don’t invest there time in manual process. So should try out this Keyword Golden Ratio formulate so that you will stay ahead from your competitors.

If you’re probably wondering why Keyword Golden Ratio emphasizes an keyword with monthly search volume of 250 or less. Then the answer is that it’s creator, Doug Cunnington, believes that it is easy to rank for keyword with low search volume as it is a fact as well. He even have tested his theory on many of low search volume keywords and that why choose 250 as it’s default parameter.


We all known that thing goes change after sometime and it we talk about SEO that every time tip and trick change, people change there strategy and get updated it as google change there algorithm with time. So it is very important that we also check new SEO strategy and technique to get the real result or its performance.

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)

This technique is old but we have still tried it on some keywords and it has given us successful result as with time competition always rise and Keyword golden ration formula has a default parameter of low search volume keyword. That means with low search volume you will get low competition as well, thus this formula is always successful.
You should also try out this keyword golden ratio to get successful results.

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