Best 19 ways to increase website traffic

Are you also thing “How do I drive more traffic to your website?”

“Are you fed up but not able to increase website traffic?”

Here are some amazing strategy to increase website traffic and grow your business.

We here are not only discussing old strategy but also proving you with some best ways that you might not we aware of.

So Let get stared and read about how to increase website traffic.

19 ways to increase website traffic

increase website traffic

1. Create a content that have a lasting impression.

As you all known that content is the king. So you should be very much specific about your content. It is the soal of your website. If your content is great no one can stop your content to rank in search engine but everyone can not write a great and unique article as there are so much article already ranking in searches for the desire topic. So always try to make a good article following other ways also to increased traffic and ranking. Also use infographic, video , eye-catch images etc. to catch user attention, interest and create a lasting impression in there mind.

2. Increase website traffic by On-Page SEO

SEO is the most important and crucial thing to rank website. Optimizing your content well for search engines are very much important and valuable. So optimized your images, fixed proper meta tags etc. on your website. Also don’t forget to check for technical error in your website. It only takes few minutes to optimized all these thing but the help a lot in organic ranking of your website.

3. Headlines

Proper aliment of Headlines are also one of the important part as now the algorithm of google have change and take paid more attention on headlines as well. According to different headlines the content appearing in search result. But before that first thing that catches user and search engine attention are the main heading. If the main headline is catchy then it will attract more traffic towards itself. So be specific and thing thrice about your main headline, meta title and research well about your headlines.

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4. Target Long-Tail Keywords

If you are a new user firstly focus on long tail and popular keyword. Ranking on long tail keyword are easy. So start with it, then move further to popular and then your main targeted keywords. Do maintain the desire keyword density in your content and that sit you will be able rank in top resulted.

5. Get Social Traffic

In the starting we have tell you that content is the king but if people don’t known about your article then what next? So it in not enough to produce great content and leave it to rank. If you genuinely want to increase website traffic you have to be proactive. You should spread your content on social media handle so that people get to known about your content. You can even advertised your content as well for more and better result.

6. Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing is free to create and provides you with boost in traffic. So properly optimized your Google My Business listing. Google is becoming smarter and smarter day by day. So if your listing provides with all information that a user need. So there is more changes that the user will go to your website.

7. Examine Your Analytics Data

Examine your Google Analytics data daily is very much important as it provide you with the data that how user is behaving on your website, they provides you with popular pages, demographics, sources etc. You can even user analytics and build a strategy to increase website traffic and even user that data for paid advertisement.

8. Checking Technical error

Check our website technical error is also very much important as in long run they can impact our website traffic. For example if the loading speed of the website is more thing do you like to wait. Genuinely No user will wait they will switch to some other website that will increase bounce rate and thus impact your website ranking and traffic as well. So Monthly keep on checking and solving the technical error of your website like- wrong CSS/html, loading speed etc.

9. Checking UX-UI of website

Even the UX-UI is also play an important role as if your website look and feel is not good. User will not spend much time on your website as well he/she might be confused and will not able to get important page of your website or not be able to go to his desire page so it is very much important that you should check the UX-UI of your website for both desktop and mobile. It also add a good user-experience for your website, thus help in increasing website traffic.

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10. Make Responsive Site

Nowdays maximum browsing is done by mobile only. Browsing traffic of desktop and Pc are going down as all of us have internet facilities in there mobiles. So have a Responsive site will not only give a good user experience but also add a lot to the ranking on mobile. Search engines give a good weightage to responsive site. Also pay a good attention to your website designing and development.

11. Increasing backlink

Increasing the backlink of your website will increased the website authority that will lead to increased in ranking and thus organic traffic. But let me tell you you have to be very much carefully while creating backlink, As a negative backlink can web very much dangerous for your website. But I good quality backlink can increase website traffic very much. If you anything about search engine optimization you might we well award of negative impact that a negative backlink will provide you so if you want to hire any SEO agency for your website, go with company that provide you with healthy search engine optimization.

Guest Posting

12. Guest Posting

Using a guest posting is a very good option as it not only provide you with backlink but also help in diverting some of there traffic to your website. But choose quality and good  website that will provide you with best result. But be aware of spamy or low quality sites.

13. Referral Traffic

Growing organic traffic on your website take some time definitely. So rather than waiting for that try to generate referral traffic. Referral traffic is also a great thing. It even provides you good stuff of backlinks as well. Rather than going to other website and begging with them try to write an eye catch content and increased your referral traffic.

14. Marketing or Paid Advertisement

It is one of ways that all of us might be knowing but many of us might not be adverting our website may be because it required lot of money. But let me tell you that it not only provided you with your targeted audience, it also increased your sales and brand awareness. It also give an instant boost to your new content. So it is equally important. You can even adjust your paid strategies according to your goals –if you want more traffic, or looking to increase conversions, sales, or click. You can adopted strategies according to your need.

But if you are a blogger or a small business person, I complete agree that you don’t want to spend much money in adverting or may not have that much budget. So let me tell you there are many different type of paid advertisement that you can go for in less budget also like social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. They attracting visitors to your site and also give a boost to your brand awareness, traffic and sales even help you in google ranking.

Even as a small business man you can even take your product to platform like flipkart, amazon etc. that will help you to increased your sales.

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15. Email Marketing

So many businesses are focused on attracting new customers through content marketing that they forget about more traditional methods. Email marketing is a traditional methods that can act as a powerful tool. A small effort on email marketing can provide you with huge result in traffic. But provides a limited no. email to people don’t bombard people with your email. Just provides a friendly email reminder about a service or product to boost your traffic.

16. New Goals oriental things

As a person you very well know that nothing is stagnant in this world, same will the search engines. Every time new algorithm come and old algorithm changes. As search engine also implement change in them according to the changes in user-behaviour. So try using different things to catcher user attentions like implementing schema, rich site snippets etc. These things not only attract more user but also provide a structure data to search engines so that they can easily index your page. 

17. Podcast

You Might known that your old content doesn’t contribute to your organic traffic. So its better to change your old content to Podcast and provide them new life. Podcast are nowdays very much important and trending. They grab more attention of people then content. So upgrade your old and unwanted content to Podcasts and give them a good value.

18. Website Audit

You should audit your website on the monthly basis. As all of us known that we keep on doing some new thing on website like new post or page creating, or edit some old good, which is a good thing because when we keep of doing different thing on website search engine also can on our website frequently and our indexing of content become fast but these changes might effect our website or might we miss some things. Doing SEO Audit on monthly bases will provides you with the data or mistake due to which we are lacking or ranking. So it is also a good thing. It not help us in ranking directly but help you in ranking indirectly.

19. Host Webinars

People love to learn, and communicated with other doing webinars can act as a excellent way to engage audience. This will not only boost your website traffic but create brand awareness in people mind. So do host Webinar if you can and also provides audience with reminder mail for webinars.

Well, that all are the ways to increase websites traffic. Hope you like the article. Do let us known if you have any other tips for increasing traffic of your website or any other marketing ideas. We would love to hear them.

Best 17 ways to increase website traffic
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Best 17 ways to increase website traffic
19 ways to increase website traffic 1. Create a content that have a lasting impression. 2. On-Page SEO 3. Headlines 4. Target Long-Tail Keywords 5. Get Social Traffic 6. Google My Business Listing 7. Examine Your Analytics Data 8. Checking Technical error 9. Checking UX-UI of website 10. Make Responsive Site 11. Increasing backlink 12. Guest Posting 13. Referral Traffic 14. Marketing or Paid Advertisement 15. Email Marketing 16. New Goals oriental things 17. Podcast 18. Website Audit 19. Host Webinars
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