5 Reasons to Integrate Social Media Into Digital Signage

Integrate Social Media Into Digital Signage and build the trust among the users, increase engagement and grow your brand.

There are over 91 social media channels around the globe, which means you have 91 possibilities to grow your brand if utilized and Integrate Social Media properly in them.

Social media is the dominant factor, and brands are making the most of it.

The most recent way is by integrating social media into digital signage and bringing the internet content closer to everyone.

Here are a few unique ideas why to integrate social media into digital signage.


Why to Integrate social media into digital signage?

1.   Encourage Your Visitors To Share Images

Hashtags are a powerful tool, and when you have a unique and memorable branded hashtag, you are bringing it to your visitors’ attention.

Use your brand hashtag while organizing hashtag campaigns and show them on the digital signages it would encourage your visitors and customers to use them.

Each time someone posts using your hashtag, you are being exposed to their followers and creating brand awareness.

Meanwhile, displaying the whole campaign on digital signage would inform your visitors about your social presence.

5 Reasons to Integrate Social Media Into Digital Signage

2.   Highlight Reviews And Interactions

Reviews are an important element for your brand if you wish to build brand trust and influence the audience.

When you collect the users’ reviews from different social media channels like facebook, instagram, google, twitter etc. and display them on digital signage, you are giving importance to their ideas.

You influence your visitors when they read the reviews on digital signages and single-handedly encourage more customers to give their opinions; all this would boost trust.

Not just that, whenever there is a bad review, and you reply to it in a helpful and meaningful manner. You are encouraging more interactions with your audience and being a reliable source of information for them.

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3.   Create A Sense Of Urgency With Call-to-action

Call-to-action is nothing but creating a sense of urgency or a way to catch the visitor’s attention. The idea is to keep the message you display precise and direct.

Usually, these are phrases like “Buy Now” or “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”, but you can also use this technique to grow your social presence.

You can start by simply showing your social media handle that would encourage people to follow you messages like “Follow us: @handle” could be direct. But make sure that it should be eye catching if displayed on digital signages.

You can also create messages like, “Repost this on your social media account to avail discount” or “Follow our Social media handles. Even 10% discount” messages like these are very eye-catching, and everyone loves getting discounts. It will eventually increase your social media presence.

4.   Improve Employee Communication

With the competition being so high, it is important to keep your employees encouraged. So that they work better in a pressured environment.

Post about the “employee of the month” as a social media post and display it on the digital signages to show how important their hard work is for you.

You can do the same for employees’ birthdays by wishing them on social media and displaying that content on the signage for everyone to know. It will create a sense of connection.

Another thing to do is, organizing engagements and team building quizzes for the employees. It would create a sense of teamwork and community among the employees.

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5.   Eye-catching Live Videos

Nowadays, it’s not just about selling, but about creating a good customer experience. Visuals like photographs and videos have proven to be a very engaging factor.

With websites like Youtube providing high-quality videos, live-streaming has emerged to be a very engaging factor for many brands.

When you display live-streaming videos on digital signages, they serve as an influential factor, and many customers have reportedly found it a good and unique experience.

Whenever there is a live event happening, like a live sports event or any other kind of nationwide live stream, you can display it on your digital signage and encourage people to visit your store.

Over to You

We come to the end of this blog, where you got to know why to integrate social media into digital signages.

  • With social media being so impactful, your brand needs to incorporate it into your advertising methods to stay relevant for your customers.
  • It creates a blend between the internet and reality as you bring them together.

Do comment us if you known any other reason why we should integrate Social Media Into Digital Signage. If you want to integrate Social Media Into Digital Signage do contact us. Visit us here to known more about your services.

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