12 Digital Marketing Strategies for your eCommerce Business

Digital Marketing Strategies is possibly the most powerful form of marketing available – especially for eCommerce businesses. If your business operates entirely online, it makes sense that your ecommerce marketing strategy should also be online. However, digital marketing strategies can be broken up into different subcategories of marketing.

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As an eCommerce business owner like Mr. Andrew Defrancesco, it is important to know which types of digital marketing strategies are effective. This will ensure your ecommerce marketing strategy is effective, and you can use your marketing budget wisely. To help, we have listed 12 most popular (and effective) digital marketing strategies below:

12 effective digital marketing strategies

1. Adding Video

We don’t say that all your e-commerce product need a video but as per the report of HubSpot around 80% consumer feel confidence after seeing the video of the product will increase your sales, learn more form experts at Advertising Hamptons New York. So always try to place video of your product and show them how well your product are for them and why the should buy the product from you. You can add this in your ecommerce marketing strategy it will give you benefit.

2. Automated Chatbots

Automated Chatbots is very important and can boost your ecommerce website sales. They are artificial intelligent, but it really help you in your ecommerce marketing strategy. Chatbots can make or break your customer experience as there are always available to answer your questions and provide you comfortable instantly solution to resolve your issues which makes your shopping experience very much easier.

online marketing strategies

These friendly bots can easily convert your customers into client. They can also let your customers know when your product or discount are available. a very human manner and, in turn, offer a personalized experience that can significantly influence purchases.

Do try out Automated Chatbots in your digital marketing strategies.

3. Provides with Flexible Delivery

Is your customer abandonment the product after moving the product to the cart. The biggest reason of this can be delivery changes. As per the report 40 to 50 percent of online customers abandoned their carts when they find out the delivery charges are very high or delivery options don’t suit their needs. Here come flexible delivery option that mean you can ask your customer to order the product of let say 1000 and they will get free delivery same like amazon and flipkart is doing or if they don’t want the product in 1 or 2 days then delivery charge will be less or else they have to pay extra for urgent delivery.

Flexible Delivery act as one of the best digital marketing strategies.

4. UI/UX of website

May be most of us might think that website design don’t matter that why most people forgot this in online marketing strategies. But it really does on both your sales as for your website as well. So if you have a ecommerce website, improve your support and try out to simplify and make it more easier and convenient for customer so that they can easily search for what ever there are searching. Also try to embedding search bar on your website so that it can become more easier for your customer to reach out the product they want. Contact the best web development | Candy Marketing to start a new strategy to attract more customer to your business.

If your website UI/UX is not good, may be customer want something and they will not able to find out that product and moves away from your website. All this is because your website UI/UX is complicated. If the person is not able to find right thing they get frustrated with your site and that become a bad user experience. So try building easy and simple website, make buttons easier to find, make product easier to find that this will make your user experience far better than ever.

5. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can be relatively easy to set up and can be highly effective. The aim is to send semi-regular emails to customers that have subscribed to the service. The emails should give business updates and also info on your products and services etc.

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Your email should contain branding elements, and also a call to action. Ideally, they should have a mix of images and written content. Also, any written content should be broken into digestible chunks. It is also important to give your contact details and provide links to your other digital marketing outlets such as social media platforms and your YouTube channel.

6. Encourage User-Generated Content/Reviews

As you very well known that nowdays every person is concern about the quality of product. In this only UGC can help you as it can provide confidence in your customer to buy the product. UGC provides hands-on experience from past customers who have already use your products. Most of your customer will read reviews before buying your product. So try increasing reviews on your product and it will defenalty act as best ecommerce marketing strategy in increase your sales chances.

7. SEO Implementation

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) describes as the best digital marketing strategies. It is basically the effort of optimizing your website and content so that search engines like Google can index and rank it. SEO implementation is a highly important type of digital marketing strategies as it can improve your rankings on Google and thus improve exposure for your website and business. You can click for more info about this.

There is a simple range of basic SEO tricks you can do without web design knowledge. These include adding keywords in titles and headings, adding Alt tags to your images, and adding Meta title and description to all of your pages.

8. Social Media Marketing

Social media is considered one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing strategies. It is generally free to use, and you can reach potentially millions of people. Consider creating business profiles on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Ensure these profiles contain consistent branding – If you are struggling with branding, you can use free resources like LogoCreator and Canva. Also, ensure you post regularly, and that your posts are interesting. You could also consider giving promotional offers and using images in your social media posts.

9. Email Marketing

Are you also thing that who read the emails nowdays? So let me tell you that everyone read emails. Inspite we all spend most of your time on web surfing or social media but definitely we read our mail too. As every year thousand of new mails are created in every country. You can even use a mindmap task list for remote team to help you stay on top of all the tasks and stay organized.

So try out email marketing and target your customer who have left the product in there cart. You can also use email marketing for re-marketing your old customer. Emails marketing drive 3 times more sales than social media. Email Marketing can be one of the best ecommerce marketing strategy for your site.

10. Video / Streaming Marketing

Platforms like YouTube and Twitch mean big business. They can also act as one of digital marketing strategies. We have all seen the new generation of YouTubers who are becoming rich simply by creating video content. Video creation and online streaming are now effective forms of digital marketing strategies and can also directly generate income.

You could consider creating a YouTube channel that complements your eCommerce business. Alternatively, you could consider streaming on platforms like Twitch to grow your audience and exposure.

11. Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing is One of the most powerful digital marketing strategies but most of the company underrated this eCommerce marketing strategy.

Do you known the impact word-of-mouth marketing that is Referral Marketing.

In simple manner human nature is to  love sharing our experiences with our family and friends and recommend there family and friends so that they can also get a benefit of there experience. In other word you can also that that where you provide good or bad customer they will share it with there family and friends. So try to build a happy relation with your customer. So that they can provide positive thing about your product and brand and this will definitely increase the chance of your sales.

For example if my friend has a good experiences with Amazon than I can buy product on Amazon without any worry or without thinking to much.

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You can also provide some offer like refer a friend i.e if your friend order some product from us them they will or you will get some additional thing like cashback or a free product or something else.

12. Digital Marketing Plan for Content

General content marketing is a form of indirect digital marketing that can greatly improve the awareness of your business your brand visiblity. Content marketing are blogging, articles and social media (which we have covered above) are all good examples of content marketing.

The simplest form of content marketing is a blog. A blog is something you should try and incorporate into your website. Visit Do Six Figures to find out the most popular blogs in 2021. The blog posts should be fun, informative, and useful to the user. You should also try and post regularly and include links to your business and social media platforms.

The world of marketing is changing and it is vital that eCommerce businesses adapt. Digital marketing can have far greater potential than traditional marketing. Also, it can reach millions of people and a global online audience. With traditional marketing, this is something not possible without a huge expense.

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