4 Practical Steps on How to increase domain authority

Do you want your website to rank higher on SERPs?

If yes, then let us see how to increase domain authority of your website in the right direction?

Among other hundreds of factors that Google uses to determine the SERP, a key role player is Domain Authority Score.

Although Domain authority is not a sole factor that Google analyzes to give rankings to any website, it helps Google to understand the overall linking profile of a website.

Thus, helping a website to get better or poor ranking on SERPs.

Here we will be discussing practical steps on how to increase domain authority.

Before that, if you are new to Domain score or reading out how to increase domain score, you will find valuable information here in this article.

What is the Domain authority score?

First of all Domain authority score is a well-known metric developed by Moz Software Company.

It reflects a website’s linking profile, showing the number of relevant links connected to a website.

Additionally, Moz created the Domain metric to help webmasters in analyzing the overall SEO performance inserted into a website.

This metric estimates a web page’s possible ranking through various channels including:

  • Linking root domain
  • Number of total links

This estimation is reflected in a single DA score.

how to increase domain authority

How is Domain authority calculated?

According to Moz, they calculate a Domain authority score of a website by taking into account 40 factors (few known while others are unknown) including:

  • Moz Rank
  • Moz Trust
  • Quality of a websites’ content
  • Number of incoming links pointing to a website
  • Quality and relevancy of incoming links
  • Social signals
  • Websites overall SEO performance.

To measure the performance of a website it’s important to check da pa, this will help them in figuring out where does their website stands in SEO terms.  

Moz DA metric is measured on a logarithmic scale which varies from 1 – 100 score.

As closer a website reaches to 100 DA score, the better chances are of

  • Ranking higher on SERPs
  • And getting more organic traffic.

Similarly, as far as a website goes from 100 DA score, it tells a website has poor chances to rank higher on SERPs.

Here, comes the importance of increasing a website’s domain authority.

Below are the blueprints of experts telling, how to increase domain authority score?  

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4 Practical Steps on how to increase domain authority for your Website

1.   Optimize on-page content

Optimizing on-page content means auditing your webpage and the content uploaded on it.

This will help in improving the user experience and gaining better search engine visibility.

A solid foundation consists of:

  • Using properly H tags, including H1+H2+H3+H4
  • Optimize Meta tags and descriptions
  • Optimize URL structure and permalinks
  • Insert naturally keywords (here, keyword stuffing should be avoided at all costs)
  • Check for plagiarism and fix it if found unauthentic
  • Optimize your images, videos, and other media content elements
  • Use optimized formats in your content to get maximum visibility on search engines.

Usually, webmasters outsource content from other authors and simply ignore checking the quality of the content.

Ideally, your content needs to be fresh, up to date, and include high-quality information.

Because in the end search engines are always looking to push high quality content higher on rankings.

2.   Internal linking

Many webmasters are so concerned about earning external links that they overlook the importance of internal linking.

Internal linking plays an important role in giving a good user experience.

It helps the users to find or redirect them to what they are looking for at your website

Besides, it helps in engaging the user on your website and re-direct traffic to your new posts.

For example

If your article is all about “Best ways to decorate DIY your home”

In-between the article you should look to insert relevant informative links in the content like “Helpful DIY essential tools”.

Moreover, it also helps Google to easily crawl the website.

3.   Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

Nowadays, with the growing numbers of mobile internet users search engines have rolled out Mobile ranking algorithms.

If you are one of those people whose website is not optimized for mobile users then you are going in the wrong direction.

A great way is to check how mobile-friendly is your website through Google’s mobile-friendliness test.

It will precisely analyze your website and show the stats regarding how mobile friendly is your website.

mobile friendly sites

Google states it clearly that your mobile website should contain the same content as your desktop site.

Helpful tips on how to make your site mobile friendly?

  • Use the correct structured data on both desktop and mobile versions
  • Increase the loading speed
  • Insert High-quality images and videos along with their supportive formats
  • Don’t replace or change URLs every time the page loads images and videos
  • Check for error pages, they should look similar on both versions. 

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4.   Build your website link profile

It’s very important to have a good link profile because it’s one of the major influencing factors that help understand the search engine your website worth.

Moreover, a high link profile website is tempting for digital marketers.

Every professional digital marketer looking for relevant backlinks will try to gain a link from the high profile site.

This is because it helps the marketers to promote their content, products, or services and gain trust for their website.

Although it’s a tricky part to gain powerful backlinks from other websites.

But there are two major ways to gain stronger links.

  1. Natural link building- Great way to build naturally is by producing quality content on your website.

The back theory of this method is that if your content meets the standards of quality then users will find your website, read it, and link it to one of their articles.

But again for this, you need to publish quality content and that too SEO optimized.

  • Outreach Guest post Great way to get attractive links back to your website is through outreaching bloggers, authors, and webmasters

They can offer you relevant and high profile websites according to your niche.

Besides you can also check for third marketplaces like BSGP, etc.

Here, they offer premium services to get guest posts according to your niche.


Domain authority is an important influencing factor from a marketing and search engine ranking perspective.

It also helps the webmasters to track their SEO efforts inserted on a website.

The above listed practical steps are proven methods for any new or expert webmaster to improve the domain authority of a website.