11 social media marketing strategy to boost your business

The social media marketing is a brand new concept that is in the industry right now. Any sort of business is making its way to use social media marketing strategy to generate more traffic. With the right strategy in place, you can drive traffic, customer engagement, and sales towards your business. The help of the best social media designer would also help in achieving this feat.

So in this article, we are going to discuss social media marketing strategy that you could use and boost your business organic traffic. Since there are so many active social media users in the world and there are plethora of businesses online, only the right strategy would lead you to get desired results.

11 social media marketing strategy to boost your business now

1. Understand the goals

Before strategizing any plan, there is a need to clearly note down what your goals are. Be as specific as possible for the best plan to be devised. If the want to achieved desired result, you need to be precise about them. Make sure that they are attainable and measurable, only when you know where you are heading, can you devise a route to achieve it.

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2. Learn about the target audience

This particular knowledge is extremely important for the right social media marketing tactic to work. Understand the audience you are catering your products to. For that you can do a research on social media platforms where your target audience are mostly available and at what time.

When you have done extensive research on all these parameters, you can devise a tactic that is sure to boost your organic traffic and business. To create a message that resonates with your target audience, you need to know what interests them. The entire demographics and their interest data have to be learned well and then put to use. The needs of your audience are what you should cater to. If your product is not relatable to your target audience, it will have no impact. The business will get boosted only when you, market it right audience. There are so many major corporations who have become millionaires just because they thought very simply and executed the plan. Your product or service needs to be a solution to some most affected problem of your target audience. 

3. Selecting social media platforms

This step is the most significant in the marketing. The most common mistake the beginners make is to be available in every social media platforms possible with substandard content. This will not work for your product or traffic. Your aim should be to choose wisely among the various social media platforms the ones that are mostly used by your target audience and then make impactful content for it. This tactic will drive organic traffic to your business. Keep in mind that it is the quality of the social media content that matters and not the quantity of it.

With the variety of social media platforms available, there is very obvious confusion to occur so be specific about want content you are choosing. But just understand your business, the audience and then look and research through each of these channels. Which one promotes more of your type of content, where is your target audience at? What time and how many times do you need to post for making an impact on your target audiences. Don’t get carried away by what others exhibitors. If they have a million post on there social media platforms, don’t worry. Your focus should be on creating that one page that is going to give you desired result of what you have dreamt of.

4. Planning the social media marketing strategy

All great things start with a plan. So get to the paper and list down every plan you have for the social media. You could start with any upcoming festivals in which you could center your content or product, the list of social media platforms you are planning to create an impact on, prepare the precise hashtags. All of this planning will ultimately help you in executing them when the right time comes and obtain the desired results. Every goal you have in your mind has to find an outlet in the planning. When you are aware of your goals, you could plan them with a set deadline which makes it actually achievable. Every little step you need for a great social media post and impact has to be thought through and planned well ahead of time to perform well on desire social media platforms. 

5. Setting up social media content calendars

These calendars help in reminding all the different activities you need to accomplish for your goal fulfillment. There are so many ready-to-use templates available nowadays which you could customize with your own goal list so that every team worker and you are always aware of the responsibility and plan ahead. So many different steps can be achieved through the social media marketing, this is definitely a saver hack. You can use all top social media designer for their benefit. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, your social media marketing strategies will not magically put your business on the top. It needs planning and rigorous execution.

With these planners, all the events could be noted down, struck off when achieved, and would also be a very useful item that keeps everybody in the team be on the same page. It could also act as an item that shows off how far you have achieved in this journey and can be a constant sense of motivation. 

6. Using automated tools

Just imagine posting content on multiple social media platforms on a regular basis all the time, it is quite a challenge. This is when you could use the automated tools for your rescuing your time. There are so many of such tools which could auto post your content in the set time and date. You could create them well ahead of time and just plan the time accordingly. There is no hassle of posting and keeping up to date every day. This takes off a huge burden off your shoulders and helps you still achieve the desired results for your business.

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7. Power of storytelling

You really need to use the power of storytelling for your social media marketing. The audience usually loves emotions and posts that they could find relatable and interesting. You might have seen famous brands create emotional stories in accordance with the brand and then share to in blocks so that there is a certain amount of excitement peaked in there content. You could use the same tactic. Be sure to emote through your posts, for the right customer engagement. The genuine, honesty and emotions are very much seen through even your pictures and stories created by you. This will make the brand more personal for the audience.

8. Humanizing the brand

With digital media raving as it is now, there are so many brands but what will be noticed to yours is the human effect you create. You could always post about your office space, the colleagues, work environment and make the audience feel very emotionally attached to the brand even though it is inanimate. These emotional connections are what makes one business stand out from others. We humans, tend to always look at things with an emotion, and create it with there brand name means more traffic to the business.

9. Use the right emojis

Emojis or the emoticons could be very well used while delivering your content. It makes the content look more emotive. When you write the same sentences and one with emojis and one without emojis, the one with emojis receives more engagement because people are able to visualize the mood of that sentence. It is extremely important for the audience to feel connected to you through the screen.

10. Accepting the mistakes

It is quite normal for you to slip up once in a while and create some mistakes. Instead of trying to just ignore it, learn from it but also accept it and own it. This is very much appreciated in the digital marketing industry and people find such brands very authentic. These criteria of authenticity would be added to the brand and your business could direct traffic and revenue in no time. Social media designer also believe in this step or tactic of the social media marketing world. 

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11. Post frequency needs to be fixed

Your post frequency has to be fixed according to your target audience and your social media platforms. The right number of posts a day, the time of posting, and frequency are purely based on user experience. So it is kind of a trial and error and you should figure it out yourself what is the best for the business and its revenue.


So these are the different social media marketing strategy you could use for better traffic and boosting your business with the internet and its connectivity, literally, every other business outlet is getting online and digital. With so many businesses online, making your brand stand out is a real task. There is an immense need for planning and understanding what exactly you need out of it.

The social media marketing is sure a new concept in the industry, but it is being used to its maximum potential by everybody. The major reason being the immense popularity and the wider reach. with the digital media, just an online workspace is enough which cuts down on so many expenses as opposed to the physical business. The way you carry out the marketing tends to be different from each other.

Be sure to understand your business, product, and the target audience. What is it that they are looking forward to? All of this could be very easily found out through research. When you understand their needs, cater to them readily, that is when you get the desired customer engagement and traffic. So if you have a business that you want to make the best off it in the digital space, make sure to plan your social media marketing strategy accordingly. There are so many firms that help in creating the right strategy for your growth and this could be brought forward. 

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