Facebook 3D features launch for single camera

Have you seen 3D photos on Facebook, If you are not able to recall let me tell you the 3D photos work by analyzing a 2D picture and slicing it into a ton of layers that move separately when you tilt the phone or scroll? But did you know how to post the 3D photo on Facebook, many of you may now know but let me tell you for posting 3D photos on Facebook you needed a phone with dual cameras to achieve that 3D effect?

3D features to launch on Facebook

The company has launch this 3D photos feature on Facebook in October 2018, But this feature is only exclusive to phones that had two or more cameras. Those phone users can take portrait mode shots of 3D photos. 3D photos relied on using each camera to take an image that means with a dual camera it will take two separate photos that will be used to create the depth in the photos to give it a 3D look.

Facebook 3D features launch for single camera

Facebook Announcement

But over the last few years, the computer vision team of Facebook has been working on making 3D photos possible with the single-camera without dual-camera input. At last, they succeeded and Facebook has announced good news for all of you that now you will all able to post 3D photos on your timeline from the Facebook app even if you have a phone with a single camera.

The new single-camera feature on Facebook will use machine learning to map out the three-dimensional structure of an image and replicate the 3D effect. From this announcement, many other phone users that may not have a dual camera and want to post 3D photos on Facebook will now able to post 3D photos on Facebook without any hassles with their single camera phone.

Have a look at an animation the company provided of what that depth generation process looks like:

Not only that Facebook has also announced that the front-facing camera will also be able to access the feature on the main Facebook app. So you can also use a selfie camera for posting and making of 3D photos. So now get ready for a lot of 3D selfies and post it on your timelines.

Now see how the image will look like on your Facebook timeline:

But this feature is limited to some relatively modern single-camera phones like Google’s Pixel series is now supported this feature, and single-camera iPhones from the 7 forward will have access to this feature. But there is a huge diversity of Android devices that will make it hard to say which will phone will support this 3D photo feature and which will not support it.The 3D photos feature on the android phone will depend on a few things not are not usually listed on the specification sheet but once you will update your Facebook app, you can check it and take a picture.

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