10 Best Guest Posting Sites- Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting

We all may be familiar with the term guest posting or guest blogging so in this article we will be telling you about the list of guest posting sites. But if you don’t know term guest posting we will be telling everything in a detail in this article. So stay tuned with us to get everything about guest blogging.

List of Best Guest Posting Sites in 2021

Best Guest Posting Sites
WebsiteDomain AuthorityTopicsContact
Business Insider95Marketinghttps://www.businessinsider.in/
Biz Community71Marketinghttps://www.bizcommunity.com/
Shout Me Loud 68SEO, marketinghttps://www.shoutmeloud.com/join-shoutmeloud
Making Different60Blogging, technologyhttps://www.makingdifferent.com/write-for-us/
Blog Engage 54Blogginghttp://www.blogengage.com/

Firstly we are going start with the term guest posting.

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What is Guest Posting

Guest Posting is the act of writing valuable content on somebody else website. Generally, these guest posting are done on same niche or similar websites in order to gain traffic from there website or to gain backlinks. There are many benefits for doing guest blogging but before telling you about the benefit of these guest posting site let me tell you that there is a different between guest posting and becoming a contributor. In guest posting you can write 1-2 article according to your requirement and if you don’t want to post guest post it completely your choice. But in contributor there is a limit that you have to write 2-3 article per month for that particular website. Becoming a contributor is like a deal so don’t get confused in becoming contributor and guest posting.

Why You Should Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts simply mean creating something that is valuable and then providing it free of cost to someone else for there website. In other words you are not going to take any cash for that particular guest blogging article, you will only get the benefit of guest posting or the backlink from that particular post.

Now its turn to read the benefits of guest posting.

What are the Benefit of guest posting?

First of all, guest posts act as a prove that you’re expert in that particular field. It tell that you know about that topic more than other people. As well as it act as a proof about your writing skill that how efficient writer you are and build a trust and a reputation among the other people that are related to your field.

The more expertise you show in your guest post, the more valuable it will give to you and not only that owner of website and the reader of that particular website will trust you more.

It is very important how you write a particular guest post. Writing in a story form build more engagement and attract more reader toward itself as people feel that they are related to your business and are experiencing it. So it is very important how you write a guest post and how much engagement it build in readers.

Guest posting sites also give you a chance to interact with the people that are your target audience that that may not known anything about your business. It provides a brand awareness in there potential reader against your brand before they even visit your website or business. It also build an trust about you and your business, so next time they can easily interact with your business with confidence.

Guest posting sites also help you in start a relationship by providing them a gift of valuable content. The better the gift, the more indebted your contact will feel. It also help you in maintaining relation with there website owner that are related to your business or niche website.

Guest post also act help you in getting traffic back to your sites from there sites as it contain a backlink of your sites. So there reader can direct come to your website by clicking on the link. So it also help in increasing your website traffic with the potential reader that are already related to your niche and even interested in your topic. It’s a direct benefit it your website.

Branding, direct traffic generation and building of network are important benefits of guest blogging. But the benefit of guest posting sites don’t end here only. But there are some other benefit as well.

It also gives you search engine benefits. In thinking of search engine if your backlink are coming from high authority they they think your website are equally important. It indirectly help you in ranking your website as it provides you extra love from the search engines.

Guest posting sites also help you in improving our website domain authority as you are building backlink on a high domain authority site. So it will also improve your website domain authority that will help in ranking better in search results.

Lastly if you embed your targeted keywords in your guest post it will increase a change of ranking better in search engines as the website that you are posting guest post is a high domain authority guest posting site. So it will rank easly and you will get lot of traffic.

Now as we have got the idea of how much guest blogging is important, lets move to how you can write a good guest post for great guest posting sites.

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How to Write a Good Guest Post

A guest post is always visited by two different type of audiences. First one is search engine and second one is your targeted audience. Both of them are important in you want to write a good article. Search engines as they will only rank your content and second one is because they are the one who is going to read your guest post.

Search engine only check out the keywords and backlinks for link juice and ranking the content but target audience play the main role as if they like your content then they will be converted as your audience as well. That why it is important that your content should add value to there site. As valuable content always attach more traffic.

Always try to write a informative and generic article for guest posting sites so that reader would like it. Don’t write promotion article for guest post. As promotion article are not like by owner as well as reader. Promotion article increased the change of rejecting of guest post.

Try to show your writing site on guest posting sites. Stories type content are in trend and attract lot of reader. So try to write guest post in a story form so that reader should also get attracted towards it. But always be clear and informative in writing the content.

Also before writing guest post for any particular guest posting site, take a minute to read the guidelines of submitting guest post to there sites. This will always we helpful for you in writing a good articles.

Even you should conform the topic first before writing the guest post for that particular guest posting site. Provide them the list of topic and ask them to choose which topic they thing will more relevant for there guest posting sites. This will always increases the chances of our guest post to be submitted on there guest posting site as they have approved the topic.

Try to insert keyword but don’t spam the guest post with the link and keyword. Try to embed keyword where it is necessary and always use 1 or 2 link only. One of your site as well as one of high quality sites and try to provide as much information as you can in the guest post.

Do check out the grammar mistake and spelling mistake in you content as no body like the content with grammar error an spelling mistake. Even you will not publish the article with spelling mistake and grammar error on your website. It is not that I am saying that you will make the spelling mistake or you don’t known grammar even the people with perfect English or make mistake while writing may be because of typing or something so do check it always take the help of free Grammarly tool that will correct all your grammar and spelling mistake.

The above point are sufficient for writing a good guest post but after that also if your guest blog is not approved by the owner of guest posting site so don’t looses hope and try to build relationship with them may be in future they will provide you with a change of posting on there guest posting site.

Now if you are worried that where guest blogging still work so now let move to it.

Does guest posting still work?

We can’t perfectly judge how search engines rank the websites. As google keeps updating its algorithm and even the ranking factor are keep pretty much hidden by google. But we can assume the ranking factor by doing experiment and checking the effect of it in ranking. But let me reminds you google keep changing the algorithm but not the principle that governs Google.

For Google, or any other search engine if there sites are link to lots of  other site or lots of other sites mention that website than it is a important website for google or any other search engines.

So, Yes Guest posting are still working and will continue to work. So it is very much important to use guest posting in our digital marketing strategy and also due include the relevant keywords in your guest posting. It give a chance of ranking higher in search results.

I hope after knowing the importance of guest posting site you will now search for how and where can I find the guest posting site.

Where and how can I find guest sites?

In this same article above we have share some guest posting site with good domain authority you can look at them if you want to submit guest post but do visit there sites and check there requirement for guest blogging. But if you don’t want to do with your list and want to find free guest posting sites yourself then you can find out list of free guest posting sites by searching below keywords on google.

Even you can post a guest post for your website. Here you can check the guidelines of guest posting on your website.

  • “guest post”
  • “startup funding”
  • “write for us”
  • “guest article”
  • “this is a guest post by”
  • “contributing writer”
  • “want to write for”
  • “submit blog post”
  • “contribute to our site”
  • “submit content”
  • “submit your content”
  • “guest posts wanted”
  • “guest blogger”
  • “become a guest blogger”
  • “submit news”
  • “submit post”

If you want to search for particular Categories, then you can add category name along with this query

  • “write for us” Health
  • “write for us” Education
  • “write for us” Eassay Writing
  • “write for us” Finance

Now it turn to tell you about what should a good guest posting site should have or how can we check it is a good guest posting site or not.

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What makes a good guest blogging site?

There are a variety of reason that can determine whether a website is good guest posting site or not.

The main and important reason you should look for in guest posting site are:-

  • First check the domain authority of that particular guest posting site. and also weather that guest posting sites comes in search result or not.
  • Check the audience size of the guest posting sites and weather it is related to your niche or not.
  • Check the target audience are related to what you’re aiming to reach.
  • Check the spam score of the website. As the more spam scor will lead to increase your website spam score as well.

All these factor tended to tell you about good guest posting site.

Now as you known every thing out guest blogging but don’t jump directly to the contact section of guest posting sites. As it is a big mistake that lot of people do.

Prepared A Pitch

First prepared a pitch for guest posting site what you are going to pitch them that they should approved your for submitting guest post. So here everything depand on your first pitch. So start you pitch with the greeting and slowly tell them why you want to write the guest post for them, why they should approved you to write a guest post on their guest posting site and why you are the right person to right it.

Now as we have tell you everything about guest posting now start writing a good guest post on great guest posting sites. Do Comment us and tell us about your experience and if you have any other guest posting sites that is worth being on this list do comment and tell us.