Samsung Galaxy Dongle in India

Are you a current owner of a Samsung Galaxy device and wired headphones? Did it feel comfortable?

The answer will be No……so let me tell u Samsung doesn’t get enough credit for the quality of its in-box earbuds but now with the new phone of Samsung galaxy note 10 will have a dongle in it. So you might become used to Samsung Galaxy Dongle instead of wired headphones.Even the price of Bluetooth earbuds will drop dramatically with the coming of this new Samsung Galaxy dongle.

The pictures of Samsung’s upcoming 3.5mm USB-C dongle just leaked, The story isn’t the image itself, but much more than what it has? It has taken years in the making of Samsung Galaxy Dongle, of course, irrefutable confirmation that Samsung will be joining the ranks of Apple, Google (not counting the budget Pixel 3A), and nearly every other flagship of phone maker in killing the headphone jack. It is both stubbornly and as a badge of honour — a differentiator, even, in an era when those have become few and far between on high-end flagships

It’s nearly three years since apple has started the trend of removing the headphones jack from its phone. But it will be the first time that Samsung is following the same. Samsung Galaxy Dongle will also enhance the market for Samsung phones.

Now, it’s the dongle’s world. We’re all just living in it

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus, the upcoming phone of Samsung company is expected to leave the headphone jack behind. There will be free Samsung galaxy dongle on the purchase of these phones. It will have USB-C adaptor, arriving alongside in the box and even a pair of AKG-branded USB-earbuds. Samsung doesn’t get enough credit for the quality of its in-box earbuds. But now with the coming of the Samsung galaxy dongle, it is expected to get the credit for its in-box USB-earbuds.

The photos depict samsang galaxy dongle that is the same dongle that we expect, similar to other dongles that we use. There’s a USB-C jack on one end and a 3.5mm input on the other. Samsung Galaxy Dongle appears to be using a sturdier, tapered connector that slopes down to the wire, instead of the more fragile step-style of reinforcement that Apple and Google use on their respective dongles. (We’ve officially been stuck with these ridiculous adapters for long enough that have become a connoisseur).

The company may offer free Samsung galaxy buds with the pre-orders, as it did at the time of launching the Samsung Galaxy S10 family, but the price or replacement dongles hasn’t been announced yet. Maybe the price of Samsung Galaxy Dongle in India will fall $9 to $12 range that other dongles cost.

But it’s not about how much the Samsung Galaxy dongle costs but how much it will give forward to the progress of Samsung new services.

The real question is, Will the lack of a headphone jack affect Note 10’s sales?

As the industry of technology always insists on what is “new and better”.

 What do you think? Are you fine with the idea of using this Samsung Galaxy Note 10 headphone dongle? Or will you not be buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 due to the removal of the jack? Will it make the Samsung user’s upset?

Time will tell

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